Pamula Narasayya (Pamula Narasaiah) Wikipedia, Mantram, Biography & More

Sri Pamula Narasayya is a saint-like figure from the state of Andhra Pradesh and is very popular in Telugu-speaking states of India. He is known to have cured thousands of people of snake bites by using the Garuda mantra. Though he saved many people from fatal snakebites in his lifetime, he never charged anyone for his service.

It is our fortune that such a person has walked on this land, but unfortunately, his life is not celebrated as it deserves to be. Any evidence of his greatness or his details is very rarely available on the Internet now. 


Pamula Narasayya
Original NameCherukumilli Venkata Lakshmi Narasimha Rao
Famous forRemoving the toxicity of a snake bite
Life time20th Century

Pamula Narasayya, as a child, visited Kasi (Varanasi) once and was bathing in the River Ganga. Fortunately, there he was spotted by The Peetadhipathi of Sr Sringeri Sharada Mutt(a religious and spiritual monastery established by His Holiness Sri Adi Shankaracharya).

Noticing the peculiarly resplendent face of Sri Narasayya, the Peetadhipathi felt that he was destined to do great deeds for the benefit of society. So he did Manthropadesam (initiation into) of Garuda Mantra, which possesses the power as an antidote to the snake poison. (Garuda is a kite-like bird, called the ‘King of Birds’ in Sanatana Dharma, and is an enemy of serpents).

After that, Sri Narasayya meditated deeply on the mantra for many years and did lakhs of repetitions (Mantra Purascharana). He came to possess the power to dissolve and remove the toxicity of any kind of snake bite just by reciting the mantra and saved thousands of lives.

When India was under British rule, a British official near Madras City (Chennai) was bitten by a poisonous snake. There were no doctors around, and the treatment by the local quacks using herbal methods proved to be ineffective, and he was on the verge of death.

At that time, Sri Narasayya happened to pass by that place and volunteered to help through the mantra. The officer agreed because he had no choice. But to his pleasant surprise, he became fully cured within half an hour.

Humbled by this experience and as a token of respect towards Narasayya’s mystical skill and helping nature, the officer appointed him to the local railway station equipped with a telephone. (In those days, only train stations were telephonically well-connected).

The purpose of the telephone was that people could call Narasayya from any nearby railway station and get cured as he recited the mantra to the victim on the phone. Subsequently, he was promoted to Superintendent at Madras Railway Station.

Some Interesting Facts About Sri Pamula Narasayya

  • Sri Pamula Narasayya’s telephone contact numbers were displayed as emergency contacts in all railway stations. So that people could call him when needed.
  • Sri Narsayya used to take out a handy rag of cloth, tie a knot, and keep chanting the Garuda Mantra to the patient on the phone. Once he was satisfied that the patient would be healed, he would pour a little sand into the rag, knot it up again, and tie it to a nearby tree. This completed the treatment.
  • Sri Pamula Narasayya visited Germany 22 times and did a world tour 23 times as they invited him.
  • Once, he was called to Russia to test his method. But these conniving people decided to use a venomous snake on Narasayya himself. Understanding their malicious intentions, he warned them not to proceed with their plan. Sadly, these men did not pay heed and did it anyway. Narasayya remained unaffected, but the snake died.
  • He is also an alchemist and has done alchemy even in the presence of the professors of Andhra University.

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